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Welcome to the Seahorse Diving Online Store

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Welcome to, the home of Seahorse Diving LLC (USA) and Explorer Diving and Supply LTD (Thailand).

We are proud to announce we are now a TDI SDI 5 Star training facility

Explorer Diving and Supply LTD is our Seahorse franchise in Thailand offering the same product lines as the US. We are the first Hollis approved Rebreather Instructors for both the Prism 2 and Explorer in the South Asian market. We now have the first Hollis Explorer and Prism 2 in Thailand. Check out our Hollis Rebreather training site.

We will do our best to offer lowest prices and best service possible. You can also find us on our Amazon Storefront

As we grow we will maintain our core values and never lose site of what made us want to be divers. Since Facebook is requiring a government photo ID, and I refuse to give it up for a silly (what amounts to a game) page I cannot monitor what is on the page or update it so I will no longer access FACEBOOK and their silly crap!

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